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How much should I take? When everything you made you will someday break? And I don't think I can build it again. Too much in my own head and I've been torn apart since the day you left. And I don't think I can do it again. Battle my love I will see you in the end. Carry my heart with you always.


Gasp! by Room 11 Architects. Read more


Proenza Schouler l Purple Magazine #6 F/W 06 l Ph. David Armstrong

ART HISTORY MEME || [1/4] colors: Blue


I drew this in my school notebook last week, and I kinda like it


Istanbul’s Apple Store showcases a seamess glass box protruding from the ground

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Tranquility Kulusuk, Greenland (by Mike Reyfman).


Aspen Forest Colorado (by Chad Galloway).

This drug cures most cases of hepatitis C, but there’s a problem


  • 90% the percentage of cases of hepatitis C that can be cured by the drug Sovaldi within a three-month period
  • $1,000 the cost, per day, of said drug, which has far fewer side effects and is less invasive than cheaper alternatives; the high price has led to strong criticism of the drug’s maker, Gilead Sciences
  • $227B the cost, according to one healthcare company, of the drug if everyone who had hepatitis C in the U.S. used it; that’s roughly three million people
  • $260B the amount spent on ALL DRUGS made in the U.S. during the entire year source